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It’s not the tools.

It’s not the tools.

The past few years have given us a proliferation of new marketing tools. Marketers need to choose the right mix of nearly 5,000 self-serve marketing applications that handle everything from CRM to SMS and everything in between. 

The sheer number of tools to consider, evaluate, shortlist, demo, test, and ultimately integrate into your existing marketing stack is resource-intensive. 

All the hype around these tools and this process can create the impression the tools will solve your marketing problems and unleash new frontiers of success. 

If only that were true.

There is so much content about tools and their new exciting capabilities that we can lose sight of what we should be doing with all of them.

Why do we need all of these tools anyway? 

Don’t get me wrong. We love all the new technologies. We love how they open new possibilities and streamline tedious processes. But we also know the applications won’t get you the results you want by themselves. 

It takes more than tools. 

Achieving the best results requires a clear market perspective informing a differentiated and actionable strategy with the messaging quality necessary to stand apart from the competition.

Combining these critical intangibles with the capabilities all the tools offer is the key to success. 

We have a proven process to get to the clarity and strategy necessary to achieve your goals. And yes, we have all the tools, so you don’t have to burn all the calories dealing with software selection and integration. 

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