SEO drives organic traffic to your site, and often, this organic traffic is better suited to become a customer than other traffic sources. We analyze, monitor, and optimize your web copy, navigation, and metatags for continual improvement of SEO performance.


LSI stands for latent semantic indexing, which is how search engines rank the quality of your content for particular search terms. We use LSI analysis to find new advertising opportunities and to improve your overall organic search traffic.

Organic Social

Social networks are a great method of letting prospects and customers know about your website and building an ongoing digital relationship with your fans and customers.


Paid advertising is a powerful means to capture your target audience both while they are starting to research buying alternatives and at the point of purchase. Effective campaign design and management is a critical element of most marketing programs.

Marketing Automation

The Varial Active suite encompasses organic and paid social, organic and paid search, SEO, LSI, email, retargeting, web visit behavior analysis, responsive emails and web design (custom personalized content), and AI-enhanced advertising management.