Sales Deck

We create custom sales/pitch decks supported by competitor research, persona definitions, and buying behavior analysis designed to help convert sales prospects into qualified sales opportunities and customers.

Investor Deck

Investors see dozens to hundreds of pitches a week. It takes immense effort to get the attention of an investor, and when you do, you need to make your one shot count.

Executive Summary

Connecting with investors and prospective customers at the executive level requires summarizing your value proposition in a concise 2-page executive summary.

Sell Sheet

Promotions and announcements are often ideally communicated and shared in a high design one-page pdf.


Varial Active CRM is powerful, intuitive, and tightly integrated with our marketing automation platform. Capabilities include syncing with your email platform, AI-powered predictive analysis of what deals will be won or lost, and even when to follow up with individual contacts.